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New Members of the EMS Young Academy

In a recent announcement, the European Mathematical Society (EMS) has unveiled the list of talented individuals joining the prestigious Young Academy for the year 2024. The roster, now accessible on the EMS official website [https://euromathsoc.org/EMYA-list2024], introduces a cohort of promising mathematicians set to make significant contributions to the field.

Among the distinguished researchers, two are currently employed in Italian universities:

Felisia Angela Chiarello, Università dell’Aquila
Roberto Pagaria, Università di Bologna

The EMS Young Academy serves as a platform for these emerging talents to engage in collaborative research, network with peers across Europe, and contribute to the advancement of mathematical knowledge.

As we congratulate the newly appointed members, we look forward to witnessing the innovative ideas and groundbreaking work that will undoubtedly emerge from this dynamic group, further solidifying the European Mathematical Society’s commitment to fostering excellence in the realm of mathematics.