Book Prize of the Unione Matematica Italiana

1. The Unione Matematica Italiana (UMI) has established a Prize, sponsored by Springer-Verlag, of (gross) € 4000, to honour an excellent, original monograph in any field of mathematics.
2. The first edition of the Prize will be awarded during the general UMI congress which will take place in Siena, September 2015.
3. The recipient of the Prize is determined by the Prize Committee. The Prize Committee members are the President of UMI, who will chair the Committee, and four more mathematicians designated by the Scientific Committee of UMI, two at least of them chosen among the members of the Editorial Board of the Springer series UMI Lecture Notes in Mathematics (UMI LNiM).
4. The Prize is awarded for an excellent, original mathematical monograph presenting the latest developments in an active research area of Mathematics, to which the author(s) made important contributions in recent years. The monograph must be original, unpublished, not subject to any copyright restrictions, written in English, and of at least 100 and at most 300 pages. In exceptional cases, manuscripts in languages other than English may be considered.
5. The Prize Committee will select the work to which the prize will be awarded and formulate the prize citation. In the absence of suitable candidates, the Committee can decide not to attribute the prize.
6. The Prize Committee will submit, on behalf of the author(s), the prize-winning monograph to the UMI LNiM. If accepted by the Editorial Board, the manuscript will be published in the series, subject to the usual regulations concerning copyright and author’s rights. The author(s) will sign a standard publishing agreement with Springer. Other submitted monographs, if short-listed by the Committee, may also be published, with the same procedure, in series.
7. The applications and nomination letters must be sent to the UMI office (Piazza di Porta San Donato 5, I-40126 Bologna), and received not later than November 30, 2014.
8. Applications and nominations must contain:
– a CV of the authors(s) of the submitted monograph;
– a description of the monograph, stressing its original and innovative aspects (no more than 10 pages);
– a hard copy of the monograph;
– a pdf file of the manuscript must also be sent, within the above terms, to the email address of UMI: Unione Matematica Italiana;
– the names of at least three specialists who may be contacted as possible referees;
– a statement of acceptance of the conditions stated in no. 6.
Submitted monographs should preferably be typeset in TeX.