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The Mathematics Italian Union (UMI) through CIIM, Italian Commission for Mathematics Teaching,  organizes the 34th meeting for mathematics teachers of the first and second cycle. The meeting will take place in Bari on 6th, 7th, 8th October 2017 (the work session will start on 6th in the morning and will stop in the morning of 8th) at the University Campus. The meeting will propose conferences, round tables, group discussions and thematic workshops with a combination of plenary sessions and parallel session. UMI is an institution recognised by the Ministry of Instruction (MIUR) for in-service training for school personnel. 
The complete programme shall be notified as soon as possible thereafter.

The first Joint Meeting Brazil-Italy

Dear Members,
from August 29th to September 2nd 2016, “The first Joint Meeting Brazil-Italy” will take place in Rio de Janeiro.
It’s being organized in Italy by UMI and SIMAI and in Brazil by SBM and SBMAC: see the website

Soon, the organizers will announce the speakers of the pleanry lectures. They are very representative in numerous areas of our discipline. On the website mentioned before, it is already possible to see an announcement: see http://www.sbm.org.br/jointmeeting-italy/special-sessions, that you are invited to read, for the organization proposals of “Special Sessions” within the Meeting.
I hope that the announcement will stimulate the interest of many of you and prompt you to make suggestions, in collaboration with Brazilian colleagues, so that the Meeting will be as interesting, various and lively as possible. The local organizing Committee is trying to get funds in order to finance some of the participants: however, it is not possible to promise any financial support to anyone at the moment. Therefore, it is important that participants also think about how to obtain adequate funds to attend the conference. Of course UMI, despite the current difficulties, will try as much as possible to facilitate any effort in this direction.
As witnessed by the remarkable success of the recent Joint Meeting between the Italian and the Iberian mathematical societies, which was held in Bilbao last summer, I conclude by emphasizing that these meetings are significant opportunities in order to meet other mathematical communities. Furthermore, they create and strengthen important scientific collaborations and emphasize the quality of the Italian mathematics internationally. For this reason, it is important for all of us to contribute to their success.
Best Regards,
Ciro Ciliberto