“Mario Baldassarri” Prize 2019

 “Mario Baldassarri” Prize 2019

The Italian Mathematical Union (UMI), with the contribution of Baldassarri’s family members, announce the 

“Mario Baldassarri” 2019 Prize
of. 3.000 euro

The Prize also includes three years of UMI’s association dues and it will be awarded to a young mathematician, who has published in 2016 or later an article providing relevant contributions in studies of Algebra, Geometry, Number theory. 

Those eligible to the award are mathematicians whose 30th birthday does not occur by 31th December 2019. This age will be increased of one year both for each child born (or parental leave) and for a leave longer than six months due to health reasons.

The prize is awarded by a panel consisting of 5 members appointed by the UMI Scientific Commission on a proposal from the Executive Office. In addition to the submitted applications, the Commission will take account also of substantiated nominations submitted by Universities, Research institutes and Scientific Academies or UMI members. Submissions will explicitly specify the scientific publication to be evaluated. 

In case of more submissions related to different publications of the same candidate, the Commission will decide which of them should be taken into account for the purposes of the evaluation.

Commission resolutions may be adopted with simple majority vote. As regard to the scientific content, Commission resolutions are unquestionable. The Commission may work via email. In case there are no applications or submitted applications are not worth being awarded, the Commission has the right not to award the prize.

The Commission must draw up a detailed report of its works. It will be published on the ‘Notiziario dell’Unione Matematica Italiana’ and on the UMI website. The report might also contain a substantiated mention of at least two candidates. Even if they are not awarded with the prize, they can be considered particularly newsworthy.

The applications and the nominations should contain title and reference number of the article to be evaluated for the prize. A summary of the article should be attached. It should be of at least five pages and should highlight the importance of the article in the framework of the topics covered and with reference to the current bibliography. An attached copy of the whole article will be appreciated. The application forms and the proper motivated nominations must be sent in PDF Format to the UMI President exclusively by email to:


The deadline for the submission of the applications and for the candidate nominations is 31 May 2019.

The prize will be awarded during the XXI UMI Congress, which will take place in Pavia from 2 to 7September 2019.

This call and the complete regulation of the Prize are published on the UMI website https://umi.dm.unibo.it/premi/bandi-premi

For further information: Segreteria U.M.I. – Dipartimento di Matematica Piazza di Porta San Donato 5 –40126 BOLOGNA tel: +39 051 243190, email: dipmat.umi@unibo.it