Rivista dell’U.M.I.

Matematica, Cultura e Società – Rivista dell’Unione Matematica Italiana

ISSN 1972 – 7356 (fino al 2015)
ISSN 2499-751X (dal 2016)


Editor-in-chief: Ciro Ciliberto.

Managing Editors: Gilberto Bini, Alessandra Celletti, Carlo Toffalori.

Editorial Board: Alberto Abbondandolo, Silvia Benvenuti, Mirko Degli Esposti, Luca Dell’Aglio, Emanuela De Negri, Marco Franciosi, Maria Groppi, Giovanni Naldi, Susanna Terracini, Roberto Tortora.

Editorial Office: Alberto Cogliati.

Opened in 1998 as Section A of the UMI Bollettino, the journal Matematica, Cultura e Società became an independent publication in 2008, with the ambitious task of significantly promoting a widespread dissemination of mathematics culture in Italy.

All the articles in the review are written by experts, be they mathematicians or other scientists. The intent to the articles is to disseminate, as well as to present issues of particular interest, or to illustrate the role of mathematics in other sciences, such as Philosophy, Biology, Astronomy, Music, Architecture, Cryptography, Statistics. Some articles are dedicated to historical issues, some others to interviews and, some other kinds of them are dedicated to relevant scientific questions related to Mathematics.

The review is distributed among all the UMI Members every four months. Part of the missing edition is published on the website of the Italian Digital Library of Mathematics (

Authors are invited to send their contribution to: Whether the contributions will be considered of some interest, they will be peer-reviewed. Instructions to Authors can be find at this link.

All other information relating to the review can be asked to UMI Secretariat writing an email at