The AMS-UMI Joint International Meeting 2024 will take place on campus in Viale delle Scienze in the buildings 7, 8, 13, and 19. You may find a map here. Edificio 1 contains the university canteen. You will receive more information on lunch at the canteen, which is included in the registration fee for each day of your attendance at the meeting. Internet connection is accessible on campus via Eduroam.

The most convenient way to reach the campus is the metro: indeed the metro stop Palermo Palazzo Reale Orleans is located at Ingresso Orleans on the map linked above.   This station is 10 minutes by metro from the station Palermo Lolli which is situated in a lively area downtown in walking distance from Parco Villa Filippina, where the social event on July 25 will take place. 

It is also possible to reach the campus by bus: for information on the schedule and the routes see Google Maps. The registration fee includes a daily ticket for each day of your attendance at the Joint Meeting, which is valid only on city buses and the metro in the city of Palermo (not valid to get to the airport or to take a taxi). 

Onsite the registration will begin on July 23 in Edificio 19, the building where the UMI Secretary will be available for the duration of the meeting.