Anyone intending to register for the AMS-UMI Joint International Meeting is required to fill out the online registration form on the web page

and to pay – at the same time – the registration fee, which includes:

  1. access to the Meeting;
  2. the JM AMS-UMI 2024 app;
  3. conference material;
  4. an attendance certificate for those requiring it;
  5. daily tickets for the public transportation system during the days of attendance;
  6. coffee breaks;
  7. lunch at the university canteen on campus;
  8. participation in the social event “Appetizers at the Orto Botanico” on July 23;
  9. participation in the social event “Jazz Concert and Finger Food” on July 25.

The registration kit.  When you first arrive at the meeting, you should take the registration kit that is composed of a bag and an envelope. The bag contains a notebook and a pen, a hand fan, a cap, a campus map and a map of  downtown Palermo and the lace for your badge. The envelope contains your badge, the canteen tickets, the weekly pass if you reserved it and the tickets for the special events (for you and for any accompanying person)  in case you booked them.

An electronic invoice/receipt will be issued and sent directly to the e-mail address given at the time of online registration. The invoice/receipt will be issued in June 2024.

In the table below, the registration fees are in Euros and are not affected by changes in exchange rates.

After filling out the registration form and paying the fee, anyone intending to give a short talk in a special session will receive a link to submit the abstract.

FEES Until April 18, 00:00 am UTC +1 From April 18, 00:01 am UTC +1, until July 19, 00:00 am UTC +1 From July 19, 00:01 am UTC +1
UMI or AMS member who is tenured at a university or research institute and was born by 31 January 1989 150,00 180,00 200,00
UMI or AMS member who is not tenured at a university or research institute or was born since 1 February 1989 100,00 130,00 150,00
Ph.D. Student who will take part in the II UMI Congress for Ph.D.’s in Naples, June  2024 75,00 90,00 100,00
Not UMI or AMS member 200,00 230,00 250,00

Any requests for cancellation and refunds must be sent to the UMI Secretary no later than 15 June 2024. Afterwards, no refunds will be granted.