Stefania Cotoneschi Prize

Italian Mathematics Union (UMI) announces a prize named in memoriam of Stefania Cotoneschi, teacher of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Natural Sciences at Scuola Città Pestalozzi in Florence, who passed away on April 14th, 2015.

The prize is awarded to a regular teacher of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Natural Sciences teaching in an Italian first level secondary school, who has achieved distinction in promoting mathematical education amongst the young people and more generally in society or in the scientific community thanks to publications, graphic works, productions of audio-video works, website posting and so on. In his/her activity the teacher should have highlighetd the key role of mathematics education in particular for the age group of first level secondary school students. Mathematics education is in fact important both for the comprehension of mathematics concept and the development of rational thinking. The teacher’s activity should be carried out for example focusing on new teaching methodologies or new way to spread the discipline (e.g. M@t-abel project).

award euro 1.500
2015 Rosetta Zan, Paola Gario, Claudio Fontanari, Carlo Toffalori, Franco Spinelli Brunelli Fabio
2016 Claudio Bernardi, Maurizio Berni, Monia Bianchi, Maria Tesera Borgato, Veronica Gavagna Castellini Antonella
2017 Alessandra Bernardi, Monia Bianchi, Giorgio Ottaviani, Ketty Savioli, Roberto Tortora Pasquazi Daniele
2018 Monia Bianchi, Cristina Coppola, Pietro di Martino, Veronica Gavagna e Lucia Stelli Gianluigi Boccalon