for Mathematical Exposition


Everything is explained with mathematical precision, but without the excessive use of the technicalities of this science: it is explained with clarity and abundance of images , without those abstract dissertations and those sensational digressions that you unfortunately can find in other works of popularization.
Francesco Sibarani on UMI Bollettino, talking about Guido Castelnuovo: ‘Space and time by the views of Albert Einstein’, Zanichelli, Bologna, 1923

UMI (Italian Mathematics Union) announces a prize of 5.000 euro in memory of Guido Castelnuovo, to promote the popularization of mathematics and the spread, in Italy, of the mathematical topics more related to culture in general and to civil society. Those entitled to apply are single authors or groups of co-authors of a work of mathematics popularization (book or book chapter, magazine or newspaper article, radio program or a part of it, television documentary or a part of it, website, exhibition or a part of it, accompanied by its catalogue, or any other work of a divulging nature). The works must have been published or broadcast in Italy over the period running from 1th January 2014 to 30th September 2017.

Applications to competition and motivated submissions proposed by third parties shall be submitted by electronic mail to UMI Secretary no later than 30th September 2017 ().

Applications shall contain the following information:

  • Applicant Name, Surname and email address

  • References and date of publication of the work entered

To the application must be attached by electronic means:

  1. copy of the publication entered

  2. a description of the work in 2 pages maximum

The prize, indivisible, will be awarded by a panel consisting in 5 members appointed by UMI Scientific Commission on a proposal from the UMI Presidency. The Commission shall designate its President.

The Commission resolution may be taken by simple majority and with regard to the substance are unquestionable. The Commission may work electronically. Commission could consider also works of mathematics divulgation not submitted by authors or third parties.

The Commission will conclude the work by 30th April 2018. The Commission must draw up a report its works, containing the reasons of the prize’s awarding and a potential fully argued mention of maximum two other most eligible candidates.

The assignment of the price will take place during the UMI annual meeting, in May 2018. At the meeting the winner will be invited to present his/her work.