Federigo Enriques Prize

The Unione Matematica Italiana (UMI), in collaboration with Centro Studi Enriques, announces the Federigo Enriques Prize, to be assigned to a doctoral dissertation on subjects related to Federigo Enriques’s mathematical thought.

Texts may be submitted in any language of the European Union, provided with a translation into either Spanish, Italian, English or French in the case the original language is different from one of those hereby specified.


award euro 2.000
2015 Jeremy Blanc, Alberto Calabri, Lucia Caporaso, Ciro Ciliberto and Claudio Fontanari Giulia Saccà
2016 Alessandra Bernardi, Ciro Ciliberto, Marco Franciosi, Luca Migliorini, Rita Pardinbi Roberto Svaldi