The Archimede 2013 Prize

In 2013, for the 2300th anniversary of the birth of Archimedes, the UMI wanted to promote knowledge and the enactment of his thought and of his extraordinary figure of a mathematician, scientist and engineer, able to combine pure research of the highest quality and highly effective applications in the spirit summarized by Attilio Frajese: We could say that Archimedes was not only the greatest mathematician but also the greatest engineer of antiquity: engineer in the broadest sense, i.e. not only in the sense of one who applies theory to practice, but also of one who builds the theory itself (in: Opere di Archimede, UTET, Torino 1974, p. 15, translation by the authors of this site).

In particular, in collaboration with the Piano Nazionale Lauree Scientifiche ( PNLS ) and with its substantial contribution, the UMI is holding a contest to stimulate the mathematics education of young people, to appreciate the connections of mathematics with other scientific disciplines (especially with physics), as well as the history and culture, and to contribute to the dissemination of mathematics in the Italian society, also stimulating the collaboration among young students and their collaboration with teachers of different subjects.

The competition is open to secondary schools and it aims to reward products of activities that relate to aspects of Archimedes’ mathematical thinking, in a broad sense. These activities will be carried out by students as workshops and will be promoted and coordinated by teachers, of which at least one teaches mathematics. In particular, the activities could also be included among the laboratories that take place in the context of the local projects of the Piano Nazionale Lauree Scientifiche ( ) .