How to become a UMI member

How to become a UMI member for the year 2017

Those subscribing for the first time must send an application form by the online subscription service  (
Those who are already members can access the reserved area ( and proceed with the renewal of the subscription.

Membership fees 2017


Amount With monthly Newsletter + online Notiziario in PDF format + paper magazine
€ 60,00 Member resident in Italy
€ 60,00 Member non-resident in Italy but member of mathematical societies in a reciprocal relationship with UMI
€ 115,00 Member non-resident in Italy
€ 180,00 Authority (Schools, Institutions or Departments, Societies in general) will receive as a gift a further publication chosen from the free gift volumes  list


L’Ufficio di Presidenza nella seduta del 7 ottobre 2016 ha istituito per i soci residenti in Italia la quota triennale 2017-2019 dell’importo di euro 160,00.

It is possible to provide “different” payment granted to International Mathematical Union to contribute to the Commission for Exchanges with Developing Countries.
Possible resignations have to be noticed within the 31th October of the year preceding that one which they refer to.


Reduced membership fees
for those who provide the fee within the deadline under art. 2 of the Regulation
(31th January 2017)



Amount With monthly Newsletter + online Notiziario in PDF format + paper magazine
(Members who provide the fee within the 31th January
will receive a gift volume)
€ 54,00 Member part of Italian Universities (Researcher or Professor) who is also member of at least one of the following Italian Mathematical Societies: AILA, AIMETA, AIRO, AIRDM, AMASES, ANIMAT, SISM, MATHESIS and who certify to be in good standing with the payment of the social shares of these societies.
€ 85,50 Fee share UMI-SIMAI
€ 50,00 Member resident in Italy and not part of Italian Universities Socio
€ 30,00 Young Member (35 years old – born after the 31th January 1982)
€ 20,00 Family Member. It is recalled that from 31th January 2013 new family members are not accepted. It is recalled also that family members do not receive any kind of  periodic publication (Rivista and Notiziario) in paper copy
€ 60,00 Member non-resident in Italy who wish to receive all the periodic publication (Rivista and Notiziario) only by electronic means.


€25,00 Reserved to Members, as natural person, who ask to become a member also of EMS (European Mathematical Society). The membership fee should be paid with the UMI membership fee. Members can ask for another gift volume.


Member Reduced Subscription 2017


Members can receive the UMI on line Bollettino  (4 dossiers) providing to UMI a reduced fee of 20 euro. The Bollettino is developed by Springer publishing company. Members are ask to provide this fee, together with the UMI Membership fee and indicating this choice, within the 31th January 2017