CIIM – (Italian) Committee for the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics

The (Italian) Committee for the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics is a committee of the “Unione Matematica Italiana” (UMI) that has to examine the problems related to teaching mathematics in Italy, at all levels, including relevant studies and experiences made in other countries. It also has to propose possible solutions to the Scientific Commission (CS) of UMI “. (Art.1 of the Regulations)

Roberto Tortora, University of Naples

Maurizio Berni, high-school teacher in Pisa
Maria Teresa Borgato (SISM), University of Ferrara
Cinzia Cerroni, University of Palermo
Lucia Ciarrapico, Rome
Cristina Coppola, University of Salerno
Pietro Di Martino, University of Pisa
Paola Gario, University of Milan
Mirko Maracci, University of Pavia
Giovanni Margiotta, MIUR, Rome
Giorgio Ottaviani, University of Florence
Domingo Paola, high-school teacher, Savona
Ketty Savioli, primary-school teacher, Turin
Ileana Rabbuffo, University of Salerno
Ornella Robutti, University of Turin
Enrico Rogora, “La Sapienza” University of Rome
Carlo Toffalori (AILA), University of Camerino