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UMI, in collaboration and with the substantial contribution of PNLS, announces a prize competition in order to:

  • stimulate young people’s interest and achievements in mathematics;
  • help young people understand the deep historical, cultural and social value of this subject, and its millennial contribution to the development of our civilization;
  • enhance mathematics connections with various issues of sciences and culture and to give value to mathematics wide range of applications to the social well-being and to the comprehension of the world;
  • contribute to spread mathematics in Italian society by stimulating the collaboration between young students and their teachers of different disciplines.

Those entitled to apply are Italian schools of second cycle. The prize will reward products of didactic activities dedicated to the theme ‘Mathematics is culture’. These activities will be carried out by students through workshops promoted and coordinated by teachers (at least one of them shall be a mathematics teacher). In particular, educational activities may also be included in workshops realized in local PNLS programs.
The main purpose of the educational activities should be the realization or the elaboration of a project of works or objects under the theme of the competition.

Archimedes  Prize 2018 Call